Cindy Neuschwander

Cindy Neuschwander started having her works featured in magazines in the late 1980's. However these pictures are from her more successful 2011 and 2012 works. She passed away recently but her most recent works are her best works in my opinion. She is an abstract artist that creates paintings and drawings. She combines beeswax with paint to create these designs. Her process consists of drawing on a panel and then brushing wax to different areas of the panel. After she has painted over the wax, she incises it and then rubs off the paint. The last thing she does is she paints gesso on the whole thing and starts the entire process over again until she feels that it is finished. 
The reason why I found Neuschwander to be so interesting is because her process and works are very similar to mine. She creates a structure and then uses a combination of wax and paint. She likes using beeswax because of how malleable the material is and that is why I decided to try beeswax as well. I really like the way the scratched off technique looks and it inspired me to try to use that type of technique. She is a very intelligent artist and I loved reading her artist statement and looking at her work because it really helped me with my own. 

Tanya Rogish

Tanya Rogish currently lives in Richmond, VA and is a high school art teacher. She does a combination of paintings, installations, and sculptures but I believe her talent shows through in her paintings. Her paintings are a combination of paint and wax which is interesting to me because that is what I use in my pieces. 

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