How has your perspective about art changed throughout the process of organizing your own exhibition?
My perspective of art has changed drastically throughout the process of organizing my own exhibition. I've realized that it is not only about making art but also about sharing my ideas with others. I will admit that while getting ready for a show it is hard to keep your mind solely focused on your art because there are so many other things to do such as publicizing the show and ordering food. After the show however, I realized that those little things are not important. What is important is that I was given the chance to open up and show the public my art. I was able to share my ideas and techniques with others.

What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to do it over?
 If I was given the opportunity to do my show over again I would not have done it the week after spring break.. or any break for that matter. The week after a break is always a transition week to get back to your normal routine. I felt like because of this I was extremely pressed for time mostly in trying to inform everyone about the show. I also would have made sure that the people before my show took down their show and painted the walls back to white sooner than the week of my show. That definitely did not help my stress level.

If you had unlimited time and resources, what else would you have done to complete your show?
If given unlimited time and resources I would have painted all of my gallery walls black and I would have painted on my artist statement. Sammi Weiss painted on her artist statement for her show and I loved that idea but just did not have the time to make it happen. I also would have used different lighting that was dimmer because I feel like that would have gone well with my wax pieces.

What was the value of this experience for you?
I definitely think this was a valuable experience for me and I learned a lot through this process. I was the art 4 kid who didn't even know I was going to go on to art 5 and then I was the art 5 kid that didn't even want to have an art show. Now looking back I cannot believe that I thought that. I have loved art 5 and I loved doing a senior show. My advice for anyone even considering doing a show to DO IT. It was an amazing experience, especially because I did my show with two of my best friends!

How could this process be enhanced for future Art 5 students?
Make it a requirement for the people who did a show to clean up after themselves before the next show. It is common courtesy and helps out the next people a lot. I also think that this blog Honestly everything else about the show and process went smoothly and I do not think anything drastic should be changed.

What do you wish you knew before your show now that you've gone through the process?
I wish I would have known not to do it right after a break. I feel like I wouldn't have been as stressed out and pressed for time had I chose a different date. I also wish I knew how long it would take and how painful it would be to paint my name that high on the wall would be. I'm scared of heights so the ladder was no fun and it took forever! I definitely should have found a different way (used paper cutouts like Nicole Fryling) to get my name on the wall. I also wish I would have tried not to stress out so much over it and to come to the realization that it is possible to get everything done. I definitely can admit that my mean side came out because I was so stressed and thought it was impossible at times. I wanted to kill Guyer at one point but I honestly would not have been able to do it without his support. He is a great teacher and motivator. He convinced me to have a show and told me it was going to be a success and it was so I am very thankful for that. 

What is the best advice you can give those who will have shows in the future?
To all future students having a show: ADVERTISEMENT IS KEY. Do everything you can! Make creative posters and go on the announcements! People like matching names with faces so do what we did and actually make an appearance on the morning announcements. Also, thing of a risky and creative name for your show! Ours was sexwax and trust met that got people interested. It also never hurts to advertise free food and pick a show date when there is already an event going on. The bigger crowd the better!

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